Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sri Ranganathar Temple

Sri Ranganathar temple is located in Devadanam (Devargal visited and worshiped the lord and hence the name )a village, few kilometres from ponneri in Thiruvallur District. The 18 feet long deity is apparently longer than the Ranganathar in Srirangam temple in Trichy. It is a very small temple with a huge statue of the divine being in a state of sayanam or rest, with the goddesses beside his feet. The temple is believed to be centuries old and has been there unknown to even locals for years. Recently the temple was renovated and now adorns a fresh look. Still not many know about this temple and when they do they are in awe at the sight of the Lord. Visit this temple to have a hassle free worship, where one gets to worship god peacefully as close and as long as possible.
                                                                                     The front Gopuram
                                                                                             The small feet representing god’s feet inside.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bygone Culture

Boom Boom Mattukaaran
The Bull and the Mattukaaran traversing the streets of Chennai, stopping by every house, with a drum in hand making the bull dance to the beat, shaking its head and legs answering to the trainers questions and getting to hear nice things from this Mattukaaran is a scene that has become obscure in this century. This pretty looking black bull is called Ramu and I caught him walking with his mattukaaran in a village. ( I don’t think the bull was happy doing this and neither am I )

Friday, October 22, 2010

G.H. (General Hospital)

 The Government General Hospital was started in 1664 by the British East India Company. After a century this state owned hospital building was reconstructed and what stands now is the two majestic towers, one of the best in the state. It is situated opposite to Central Railway Station.


Chennai is seeing a sudden rise of Shopping Complexes. With the increase in population, there is an increasing need for entertainment. There was a time when people used to throng Spencer Plaza like swarming bees, but now huge malls are sprouting every year, that seem to cater to the needs of Chennai consumers.
One such Mall is the Express Avenue at Royapettah, run by The Indian Express group. This extensive Mall spread across acres is allegedly South Asia’s biggest shopping complex. Walk in with a heavy wallet to witness brands that you have never heard before, products that you have never seen, unlimited choice of food that drives you crazy wondering which one to pick, 8 multiplexes with a beautiful dim lit interior to watch your favourite flick, video games for children and walk out with aching feet and maybe aching heart after spending on those expensive brands.

                                                                     It’s Diwali time

                                                                                    Marble wonder

         Laughing Buddha happy in Odyssey 

Ampa Skywalk
A mall with 7 multiplex and Reliance Bazaar, has enough reason to pull crowd. Always packed heavily it is also a new attraction in town.

                                                                      Statue of Sir.Thomas Munroe (Governor of Madras 1820) in Anna Salai

All set for (k)night ride

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This Magnificent White Building was built by Loganatha Mudaliar and named after Lord Ripon, the then Governor- General of British India. The Municipal Corporation of Chennai has been functioning from here since 1913. This edifice is known for its architecture and the clock.

                                The chiming clock is a major tourist attraction


Named after Queen Victoria, this is an historical edifice built by the British in the year 1882. This building, well known for its architecture is now in a dilapidated condition. The Chennai Corporation has planned to renovate this structure and the work is underway. Hope they restore its lost magnificence.

Thiruvallikeni (Triplicane)

Thiruvallikeni got its name from 'Thiru Alli Keni’, meaning sacred Lilly pond denoting the pond in front of famous Parthasarathy Temple. Thiruvallikeni is well known for bachelor’s mansion, temple, food, historical landmark Bharathiyar’s Illam and being located near the coastal area, its nearby attraction is the Marina beach.
Parthasarathy Temple
One of the oldest temple in Chennai built in 8th century, is the abode of Lord Krishna(parthasarathy) and Vedhavally thayaar. Sarathy meaning Charioteer,  parthasarathy means the charioteer of Arjuna. The intricate carvings of the gopuram and the  temple is an architectural marvel. This is the only temple where we see  the Lord Venkatakrishnan(parthasarathy) with a moustache. Puliyodarai a tangy rice which is offered as prasaadam is very popular in this temple. This year (2010) the temple had organised a kolu in the temple for the first time in its history which attracted quite a lot of people.
The gopura vaasal (door) opposite to Bharathiyar’s house

                               The Main Gopuram

  All decked up for Navarathri festival         

   Kolu at Parthasarathy Temple

Road side Kolu. Waiting to be picked up.

                                 Porcelain Beauty

Bharathiyar Illam
 Subramania Bharathi a gem in the field of Tamil poetry, lived in Thiruvallikeni in this house for a period of one year. He used to frequently visit the temple which is right opposite to his house and feed the elephant there. We can see pictures of Bharathiar, his family, other famous freedom fighters and documentation of photographs about bharathiar in his house now. The photographs took me  back to the black and white period and can’t help feeling proud of this Ettayapuram poet and at the same time it is saddening to think he could not live to see his country get Independence.

Ratna Cafe’

Ratna cafe' built in the year 1948, is heavily packed on a Sunday evening, many waiting for their turn to get table. Their famous Idly and Sambhar is served, to say correctly sambhar is poured from a little jug over a pair of Idlies, submerging and soaking them in 'Idi Sambhar' (one variety of sambhar). The sambhar has a tinge of sweetness and as the sambhar keeps pouring every time we ask more, we end up eating more sambhar than Idlies (Though no complaints). The coffee tasted good, expect that it was not hot.

Idly sambhar

Filter Coffee

Thursday, October 14, 2010


 An age old church built in 1516, is the shrine of Lady of Light. Could’nt take a perfect picture because my battery went down. Shall try again.


Karbagambal mess
This mess in Mylapore, allegedly a famous eatery, was a complete disappointment. For lunch they serve variety rice (vathakuzhumbu rice, sambhar rice, curd rice), without vegetables (porial served only with sambhar rice), keerai vadai and a few chips (vathal). The food was tasteless and sour, curd rice tasted like thin porridge, had to leave the place hungry and disappointed. Has recession hit Chennai? Still wondering if we had stepped into the wrong place  .   

Later came to know that Mylai karpagambal mess is famous for its freshly ground 'FILTER  COFFEE'. No wonder the waiter asked us if  we needed coffee after lunch.So even if you miss lunch don't miss the coffee.


1.Kabaleeshwar Temple 
A famous temple known for its Dravidian temple architecture is the abode of Lord Shiva. Being festival time(Navarathiri), bright and fluorescent coloured dolls arranged in steps, add festive mood to the already vibrant place attracting every passer by to have a second look.

Kolu fever

myriad of colours

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