Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Royapuram Fishing Harbour

Royapuram famous for the first railway station to be constructed in south India, is also popular for its fish. A visit to the Royapuram fishing harbour befor dawn, to capture the lively life there, was an exhilarating experience. The right place for fish lovers to see fish piled in little mountains in all directions, women selling fish as early as five in the morning,  fishermen busily engaged in shifting the fish to the land from their canoes, men bidding on a raised voice, trying to find the best bidder and the entire area bustling with life even though it is still ‘dark'. They say the best catch can be seen as early as two 'o' clock in the morning and most of the good ones will be gone by that time. It was not only the fish that impressed me, but also the people who were lovely and they all appeared to be like one large happy family, who were very cooperative and too willing to help me in taking pictures, even though I was hindering their business. I am thankful to three people who made this possible, if not for them I wouldn’t have done it . First, two nice people, who for my quest, gave up their sleep on a sunday morning and made this visit come true and third, Deepika, who aslo let me spoil her morning and was more like a guide and helped in taking me around, so that I never missed anything interesting that came by. Thanks guys.

Welcome to 
Royapuram Fishing Harbour

                                                                                     Here a fish, there a fish, everywhere fish, fish

                                                                                              Squids galore


                                                                                                      Live crabs

                                                                                             Street food spread

                                                                                                           Sun dried fish

                                                                     Salted and dried fish ready for sale

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