Friday, January 21, 2011

Cultural performance

For the past few years, during the month of January, Chennai is revelling in the time of Pongal festival, due to the cultural performance by performers from villages, in different parts of the city. These performing arts are part of the village culture, which is performed during the harvest festival every year. Due to modernazation, the art and the artists have faded to oblivion, as the people moved to theatres and theme parks for entertainment, but it is still, alive in villages. These arts are now revived and it is a boon to the present generation in cities to witness the folk art, which they read about in text books.
The performing artist is carrying a musical instrument called "Devadandhoobi" also called "Urmi". The music from the instrument is mesmerising and is sure to make anyone watching, tap their foot. Their dance synchronises beautifully with the music and it is quite captivating.


                                                                                                        Poi kal kudirai aatam


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