Monday, January 3, 2011


Dakshinachitra which means 'Picture of the south' (Dakshin - south, chitra or chitram - picture) encompasses the architecture of the South Indian Houses with a live model of each style of building. It was established by the Madras Craft Council and serves as an important centre that displays  and promotes art, craft and architecture of the south. I witnessed a lot of nostalgic moments from the visitors when entering into the model of the house that reflects their native place or the house they grew up. Each house is built carefully, with minute details that reflects the original houses of the region. Some even have the utensils used in the kitchen, pooja room and the display shows the lifestyle and the occupation of the people who lived in the house. Ultimately the architecture of all the houses depict the joint family system that prevailed during that time, with wide spacious halls, storage space for groceries, goods, mutram or the open air space situated in the centre of the house, sit out or thinnai in the front yard to have a lazy chat or nap, which most of us miss in the present two bedroom flat system, stacked like a matchbox.

Some of the craft kept for sale

Tamilnadu House

Kai Joshyam ( The person has gone for a break)

Thirunelveli Brahmin House

                                                                    Agriculturist House


                                                                     Baby cot

                                                                    Potter’s house

                                                               learn to make earthenware

                                               Traditional Earthenware like Kalsatti and paniyara kal

continued in Dakshinachitra -2
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