Monday, June 25, 2012

Shopping and Street Food in T.Nagar

                      The most lively market place in chennai,  that attracts locals as well as tourists is T. Nagar.  Men abhor visiting this bazaar, fearing at the thought of their wallet thinning down and waiting for hours in shops, while the ladies have the time of the day. This market place always wears the look of a fair, busy and colourful, crowded and frenzied. Just a stroll around the place is good enough to capture the life at T.Nagar and you will surely be tempted to buy something that you might not have intended to. Though being chennaite for the past 24 years, I rarely shop here, but when I do, then I enjoy every bit of it. T. Nagar is famous for its jewellery shops, silk sarees and textiles that draws people from all walks of life, especially wedding and festival seasons brings in a huge crowd that literally rocks T.Nagar, when the shopping spirit is at its highest peak. Besides all those glittering, multi storey buildings, the shops on the pavement is a major attraction for the pedestrians and they play an important role in attracting the middle class shoppers. Here’s a glimpse at the street side shops and the street food in T. Nagar,  clicked with an iPhone.
Burfi and Sesame seed balls
Groundnut salad
                                                                  Goose berries and Manila tamarind( kodukka puli)


Bajji and Bonda

Edible Coconut flower

Lime soda

Spicy raw mangoes, gooseberries, ginger mango and Turkey berry

                                                               Artificial fruits as pretty and fresh as real ones

       The most popular, forever crowded Ranganathan Street and it also happened to be my first visit to this street. Not being an avid shopper for gold or silk sarees and the fact that, shopping in heavily crowded place is not my style, T. Nagar has always evaded my interest. On less crowded days, it’s  fun to do window shopping, walking leisurely, snacking now and then and totally blend in with the fellow shoppers.

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