Monday, March 7, 2011

Marina Beach 
Marina beach which covers a distance of 14 kms is the longest beach in India. Marina attracts not only tourists but also locals who take respite from the scorching summer heat and find solace in the salty wind. During weekends, the beach is packed with people, although the water is not clean and unfit to even wet our feet.

This is pattinapakkam beach, not clean, had to watch my steps. But,

                                                                   The sea is beautiful.

                                                               The famous Marina Beach
                               Care for a Horse ride? But I feel sad for these animals working in this heat.

Test your shooting skills for Rs.10

                                                                 The most famed 'milagai bajji'

                                               The crowd puller; people love take a snap next to their favourite artist. There’s still a long line of  cutouts of the stars.

                                            Very attractive. Eat at your own risk, I guess one should have a good immunity level before trying out these foods.

         Ready to be fried, but not at all appetising for me, the food colour gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Marina Beach on a sunday afternoon around 4 pm

                                                             ‘Kitomania', fun for kids, but terror for birds.

                                                        This is a view of Marina from Light house

                                              Crowd at around 5 pm and it is still hot.

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